May 132016

My regular readers know that I’m a seasoned 3D artist, though usually the content is scenery, landscapes and fantasy scenes.  It suddenly occurred to me that I could use these programmes to visualise future projects.

While I was out today, I found some lovely wallpapers that I can incorporate into my revamps.  One idea is to paint our TV cabinet.  We bought it from Ikea around 10 years ago, and although there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a plain wooden cupboard.  I thought the panels on the doors could be jazzed up with something interesting and I found just the thing – Wine Bottles wallpaper 🙂

So, first off, I had to make a replica of our cabinet, albeit rather a crude one.  For this, I used Hexagon 3D which I’ve had for years.  The finished model was then imported into Vue and I textured it from within that programme, first representing the way it looks at present, then how it would look painted duck egg, with a little distressing, and with those door panels.

I found another wallpaper that’s Wine Boxes which is near identical to some actual crates that are awaiting “the treatment”.  This paper would look good on the inside of the doors.

wine box wallpaper

So….here’s the result.  I think the cabinet will look pretty good when I get around to doing it 🙂

tv cabinet

As it looks now – plain and rather boring

tv cabinet

How it should look when I’ve worked my magic


tv cabinet

The inside