Mar 042019

I spent ages modelling a new bridge for this scene, then decided that I wanted something more simple…so now I have TWO new bridges 😀

A pretty little fantasyesque type scene.

Digital artwork by Gill Brooks
Feb 142019

Yet another fantasy woodland scene. Can you tell I love doing these?

I’d made that wonderful treen and wanted somewhere fitting to use it on it’s first outing 🙂

Artwork by Gill Brooks
Feb 102019

A Vue firend posted a link to some photographs of Wistmans Wood, which is on Dartmoor in Devon. A few of us did our Vue versions of them, and here are a couple of mine…

Wistmans Wood (Vue version)
Wistmans Wood (Vue version)

The challenge has meant that I’ve created some really wonderful trees to add to my collection. They’ll no doubt turn up in many future renders!

Oct 092016

Inspired by walks with my dog in our local forest, Cannock Chase

Digital Art by Gill Brooks