Feb 062021

If you recall my artwork of a while ago based on my favourite view along our canal towpath, I have now done a Winter version as I was able to get some good reference photos a couple of weeks ago as it snowed on our Sunday morning walk 🙂

So, here’s my recreation….

And here’s one of the photos that I took to use for reference. The fence isn’t visible in the photo, but rest assured that is IS there, just out of shot.

Just in case you don’t recall (or missed) my earlier artworks inspired by this lovely view – here’s a link to the post

Jan 132021

My first artwork of 2021. Last week, as usual, we’re walking with our dog along our local canal towpath. As the sun started to rise, I looked around and commented on how beautiful everything looked. The canal was partly frozen, the sun was coming up and there was a misty haze all around.

So, I pulled out my little phone, and, after switching it on 🙂 I took some photos. Mostly just to capture the sheer beauty of the place, but also I can use them as inspiration and reference for future artworks.

The first of which is here…..”Cold Morning” – and it certainly was!!

Image artwork copyright ©2021 Gill Brooks
Jan 012019

Yes, I know….posted on 1st January, but this was my last artwork of 2018.

Taking this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a happy and healthy 2019

Digital art by Gill Brooks

Jan 042018

A new Winter scene.  I did this at the end of December 2017.

Digital art by Gill Brooks