Jun 202019

Yet another work where I created all the models for the scene. I’m really enjoying doing this. It makes each piece of artwork completely unique in that no-one else has the same model to use, even in a different environment.

Again, inspired by a photo posted on Facebook by Welsh Photographs

The Old Chapel - digital art by Gill Brooks
Mar 152019

There’s a page that I follow on Facebook – Welsh Photographs, , that not only gives me pleasure seeing the wonderful photos of a beautiful country, but also gives me a lot of inspiration for creating landscapes in Vue.

Last week, I saw a photograph taken at Blackpool Mill in Pembrokeshire. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to recreate this beautiful scenery. BUT there was a problem. The Mill. So, I Googled images of the building and after gathering a few reference pics, I began to create the model.

The beginning

The finished model

Now with textures

So, now I have the Mill building…..all that remains is to put it where it belongs 🙂 Ironically, there won’t be very much of this building visible in the scene, but I shall do subsequent scenes that WILL be showing more of the building 🙂

So….an update. Took a while, but I got the scene in Vue pretty much replocating the photo that initially inspired me. Started the final render using settings that will give a nice, smooth result. Will be waiting a while then…..

Another update – 2 days later (I don’t leave my PC running overnight), we are now at 91% with 2h54′ left. You never know, I might just get it finished, postworked and uploaded to this post sometime over the weekend LOL!

Finally finished! Just a little Photoshop magic to be done

Blackpool Mill – the final image.

I predict that there will be more to come – we haven’t seen the last of Blackpool Mill. My thanks to Alan Ewart of Welsh Photographs for the numerous photos taken basically every single day. Never fails to impress and give me so many ideas for my 3D artwork.

…..A few days later – another render from a different perspective. I think I may like this one better 🙂

Blackpool Mill - Digital art by Gill Brooks
Nov 252014

I took some photos way back in the Autumn of 2007 while we were staying in North Wales to keep our dog Tex away from firework noise.  Although early November, places were ablaze with colour.  One particular wooded area on the B4391 was amazing.  We stopped and had a walk around.

I took a few photos on an old bridge crossing the Afon Caletwr for inspiration to recreate in Vue.  I still haven’t got around to doing that, but here’s one that I played around with.

Afon Caletwr