Dec 042014

There’s this tree…. Yes, another one. Last year (I think) I made my “Lichfield Road” tree based on one that’s at the side of the road heading out of the village on the way to Lichfield. Well, there’s another one in the opposite direction heading out to Rugeley that I love because for whatever reason, the top of the trunk is bent over at 90 degrees and then tapers off to a fairly sharp point.

I keep meaning to try to get a photo of it but it’s not a road you can stop on. Still, it’s etched in my memory and I call it “The Serpent Tree” because that’s what the top bent down bit reminds me of.

The top branches all face forward in a funnel shape instead of skyward. Seeing it yesterday again, now all the leaves have gone, is what gave me the kick up the bum to do it 🙂  so I finally got around to making it.

Serpent Tree Serpent Tree

Jul 282014

Vue, TPF and Photoshop