Jan 222015

A tall, slim cupboard had become redundant, so I laid claim to it!  It just squeezes in the gap between my desk and the window.

Before, I had lots of boxes stacked rather precariously, but now, it’s (for the moment) neat and tidy and everything that I use most is easy to get to.  I’ve also been able to move things off my desk and I can’t believe how much space is on there now.

Stationery Cupboard

May 162014

Quick tip No. 1

Certain sticky notes are just the right size to fit into  credit card holder inserts.  If they came attached to a stiff card, leave it on and just cut the card to size then slot the card in the holder with the sticky notes on the outside.

sticky notes

May 142014

washi tape storage

I’d seen something on Pinterest a few weeks ago that looked great for storing Washi tapes.  So, I found this box that wasn’t being used for much, persuaded my DIY hubby to carve out some slots….and Ta-Dah!

washi tape storage

There’s even space for some of my pen stash underneath 🙂

washi tape storage