Jun 082019

I had to build the tower for this one, but was able to reuse the stone archway that I’d built for another scene.

I do seem to be building new models for each new piece lately. No wonder I’m not getting many done as it takes so much time to build and texture them hahahaaaaaaaa.

The Forgotten Tower ┬ęGill Brooks
Feb 272017

Art by Gill Brooks

After making the ruin model I found a perfectly overgrown spot to put it in ­čÖé

Sep 292014

Earlier this week, I saw a photograph posted of Denbigh Asylum. This place was closed down in 2002 and has been left abandoned since then despite being a listed building. Rumour has it that an ex employee of the asylum still patrols the grounds with his dog in his Land Rover.

Perfect inspiration as far as I’m concerned.

Denbigh Asylum