Aug 202014

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Well, today I finally got my home made planner finished.  Yes, it’s veered well away from my original ideas as I ran into problems.  I’ve ended up with a kind of “Filodori” – basically just the cover and the ring mechanism.   There’s a lot of bling.  An awful lot of bling in fact.  I got carried away decorating 😀

The first part of the added decoration was to die cut some leather offcuts to make “hinges” which were then given the copper gilt cream treatment. These are held on with tiny rivets and a bit of superglue.

There’s a square pocket on the outside front cover.  This is attached with 4 emerald green rivets and a line of superglue around all but the top edge giving a pocket to slip stuff in or even a small pen holder.

I did some more die cutting of offcuts – a key and an escutcheon.  The key is on the front leather flyleaf and the escutcheon covers the area around the stud fastener.

Total cost around £22.

Photo time 🙂


So – here it is. By no means perfect or professional looking but it IS original


I also did a little die cutting on the end of the closure strap. The book corners are simply hammered into place. The little rose charm halfway down the spine is to cover a hole where I was going to use a lace to keep it tied up then changed my mind


The die cut key on the front leather flyleaf


As you can see, there are a lot of backs of rivets showing on the inside


Can’t lay any flatter than that !!


Embossing on the front pocket


Embossing on the Binder Protector


Fully open shot. There’s a piece of plastic right at the back to give it a bit of firmness. I may change that at some time in the future

Jun 252014

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If you’ve been following my previous posts on the making of a bespoke planner, you’ll be sad , but maybe not surprised to learn that I’ve come up against a major hurdle.  Yesterday, as I had some time to spare, I started putting together the inner part of the planner.  This was using a “leatherette” type material.  The first part went OK, but then when I got to the folded over pockets which resulted in 6 layers, disaster happened.

Initially, I thought I’d broken my sewing machine, but after dismantling all the bobbin gubbins and pulling out all of the cotton that was jamming everything up, I was able to move the wheel again but, alas, my needle had been bent out of shape.    Fortunately, I’ve got spares so all should be well again, but I’m not going to attempt to use it again on this material.

It’s way too thick for me to sew it by hand so the original plan has been abandoned.   However, not one to be beaten, I’ve had the idea to use cotton material for the inner part.  I know my machine can handle that, and if the truth be known, this would suit “my style” better than the dark green leatherette anyway.  I’m sure I have some floral fabric in my stash that would go well with the teal leather that will be the outer cover 🙂

To be continued…. it’s not over yet !

Jun 102014

Part 1 of this project diary can be found here

Part 3 of this project diary can be found here

I’ve still not decided whether to have fixed or floating mechanism but it was pointless doing 2 images.  The basics would be the same if I go for the floating option “Plan A”, the holes would just be up along the part of the cover that will form the spine.

joining layers

Some bling has arrived.  I saw these green diamante rivets when I was looking for some plain ones.  If I don’t get to use them on this project, I’m sure there’s plenty of other things screaming out for some 🙂


June 9th update :  I’ve gone with “Plan A” and I’ve recycled the hard plastic cover of an old notebook to make the part that the ring mechanism will attach to and slide into a slot in the inner cover.  At this point, I’ve also decided against using ties to hold it closed and will use a popper stud/snap tab instead.  These are on order from China.

At the time of writing, all of the required components are here except for the popper studs and the metal corners.   Time to crack on.  Next job is to figure out the inner cover layout and put it all together.  As this is faux leather I’m sure my sewing machine will cope with it.