Aug 142014

A couple of months ago I got an A5 Holborn at a real bargain price – you may recall my previous post.

holborn a5

The popper stud was broken


My initial solution was to hold it together with a hairband.  At the time, I loved it, and it “prettied” it up.



However, as it’s used daily [what planner isn’t??] it became a bit of a nuisance.  So, today, armed with some popper rivets and some tools and of course, most importantly, a hammer, I set about a permanent fix.    Not so shabby if I do say so myself 🙂


A5 Holborn

Shiny gold fastener that works!

A5 Holborn

Close up

A5 Holborn

The only concession is the back of the popper rivet is now on show in the inner pocket. I can live with that !

Jul 042014

Further to my post regarding the Holborn with the faulty fastener – today I am feeling well chuffed.  Following a discussions of the Philofaxy Facebook group, one of the group suggested using an elasticated headband.  Obvously, I was never going to just get a plain one now was I ??



Problem sorted

Jul 012014

A strange title for a post I know, but the reason for it is, last week I was snooping on Ebay (as you do) and I spotted a sale of a Finsbury A5 but the photo looked wrong so I clicked through to see the details.  It was on at a very low price too I might add.  Well, the seller must have been completely unknowlegable about Filofaxes as the photographs showed a Finsbury box, but the organiser itself was a Holborn.   One of the photos even showed a close up shot of the inside cover with “Holborn” embossed into the leather quite clearly visible.

It was on “Buy it now” or “Best offer”.  The seller mentioned that there was a slight fault in that the popper stud was broken, even though the item was brand new.  The current price of an A5 Holborn from Filofax UK is £99.00 and this was up for £16.75 with free postage.  I wasn’t too worried about the closure being faulty so I put in an offer of £15 which was accepted almost immediately.

It arrived today and I love it regardless of it’s little fault.  I surprised myself actually as it’s black and I don’t normally like black organisers.  I always regarded black ones as a serious colour – something the MD would have on his desk.    Though I thought I didn’t like red ones but I love that little pocket number I found a few weeks ago 😉  The leather is beautifully soft and supple, and it’s rather unstructured, similar to the Maldens, which I also adore.  Plenty of card slots and pockets, hidden pockets and zipped pocket.  Nice big rings that are holding currently, diary inserts that go right through to the end of 2016 (obviously, these aren’t 1PPD).  The seller really did not look at the box or contents properly.  The box, as in the photograph, stated Finsbury and it indicated the colour as pink.  The barcode sticker also said “Finsbury | A5 | PINK”.

I’m really loving this new Holborn (yes, it was brand new as described), and because it’s black, I’m feeling a little more grown up, veering away from my pretty colours and decorated organisers that I usually use.  Though, at my age, I don’t really need to feel any more grown up than I already am!!!

As for the closure, I can’t replace the stud without wrecking the leather or lining.  I was thinking of using self adhesive velcro but changed my mind on that.  I shall either leave it hangin’ loose or punch a hole in the strap and add a long leather lace to wrap around and keep it secure 🙂

holborn a5 holborn a5

holborn A5

Close up of the broken popper stud