Jan 262015

This is what I love about Franklin Covey – huge rings and roomy binders to accommodate a vast amount of paper.  I have 3 month’s worth of 1PPD Blooms inserts plus all the other stuff I keep in my Veronica Classic binder.  There is still MORE space to add more if I needed it and even the fastener isn’t bursting to pop open yet 🙂

Franklin Covey Veronica Classic

I don’t need to tell you which one – do I?

Franklin Covey Veronica Classic

Sep 262014

I was browsing Amazon (UK) a few days ago – I can’t remember just what I was looking for, when I spotted this pen

Franklin Covey Cross Melbourne Satin Black With Gold Trim Multi Function


It has black, red and blue ballpoints plus a 0.5mm pencil.  Most multi pens are so bulky.  I don’t like bulky pens.  For a start, they don’t fit into standard binder pen loops but also, I don’t like writing with them.  Chunky pens and me just don’t get on.  This isn’t chunky at all.  As you’ll see from one of the photos below, it’s only marginally bigger than a standard Parker ballpoint.  It even fits (with a bit of encouragement) into my Filofax Malden pen loop, but it won’t have the disastrous ending that Kent From Oz had with his pocket Malden who’s pen loop went to the great leather heap in the sky 😉

I’ve never heard of it before, but it works on “Advanced Gravity System”.  You tilt the pen with the colour you want to use facing upwards and press the button on the top.  I tried it several times, trying to catch it out, trying to get it to make a mistake, but it didn’t.  Worked perfectly every time.

It looks good, it’s a dream to write with and now I don’t have to carry different coloured pens around.  Even better, the RRP is £34.99 and this was just £7.99 and just 99p P+P.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Franklin Covey Pen Franklin Covey Pen

Sep 052014

A couple of weeks ago I acquired a Franklin Covey classic binder from Ebay U.S.   It was in reasonable condition, it just needed a clean, polish and removal of a previous owner’s name.

Franklin Covey Classic before


So now after a little TLC,  the application of some  Tarrago shoe cream in dark green and the addition of a metal label, this has become my all things to do with shopping, purchases, orders and receipts/guarantees.   Now the leather has been cleaned and polished it feels really soft and supple.  Not bad for just a “couple of quid”  😉

franklin covey classic open front cover back cover rings

Aug 272014

When I got my beautiful Van Der Spek I decided I wasn’t going to get any more.  I did, and still have, deleted all my searches on Ebay, though I do still look at the Gillio selling group as one of those would really complete my collection.

But, occasionally I get bored, or I’m waiting for a scene to render in Vue so I’ll get itchy fingers and look at what’s around on Ebay.  That said, I’ve ended up with these two.

Franklin Covey Classic

The Franklin Covey Classic is rather old and battered.  I entered a silly price on “Best offer” and it was accepted.  The postage cost me more than the binder!   The old name on the front is easy to cover up and I’m waiting for some dark green resoration polish, so I’ll post more photos when those issues have been dealt with.

Franklin Covey Classic

Franklin Covey Classic

Franklin Covey Classic

The rings are tight despite it’s age. There are 2 pen loops – always a bonus, and several pockets front and rear

No card slots but that’s not an issue as this will only ever sit on my desk.

See the photos after renovation here


Cross 1846 Medium – Dark Chocolate with Medium Chocolate

I’m really not sure why I bought this one.  I have personal sized planners coming out of my ears.  Still, the deed was done and here it is.  It’s from the 1846 Collection.  Italian leather, nice and smooth on the outside.  The inside and contrasting trim is a kind of cross-grained leather.  It’s quite stiff but I’m hoping it’ll become more flexible with use (when I find a use for it).  It came in a snazzy gift box complete with Cross pen.  It smells of leather, not chocolate 😉

Cross 1846 Personal

Cross 1846 Personal

Not sure I’ll get along with the pen. It’s a bit too chunky for me

Cross 1846 Personal

Jun 192014

In a previous post reviewing the Day Timer Garden Path Desk Binder, I briefly mentioned the inserts.    I’ve been using the Garden Path inserts on and off since 2008 or 2009.  I loved the pastel colours and the faded flowers that filled the pages.   Then, when I bought my 2012 calendar I was disappointed to see that they’d changed the design (to this day I believe they still have the old style pictured for the note pads).

Gone are the pastels, gone are the soft floral images underlying on every page.   The pages are plain, though slightly shaded and all there is now is a squashed photograph of flowers at the top of the pages.

current diary

This is the current style

pre 2012

Pre 2012 style


Current style notepads


Pre 2012 notepad

Franklin Covey have done a similar thing with their Blooms range of inserts.  Shown here are Pocket size “Cut away” inserts.


New style on the left, older and prettier on the right

Fortunately for me, I have a stash of the older type of both Garden Path notepads and Blooms Cut Away pages.