Mar 072018

Inspired by something I’ve seen on the ‘net.

I did have fun creating my own “illuminated manuscripts” for the book in the foreground 🙂

Forest of Wisdom.  Art by Gill Brooks

Nov 082017

A few days ago I had a dream where I was flicking through a magazine and saw some photos of a misty forest, enhanced with copper details. Well, it took a while to create the elements (no pun intended), build the scene and render it, but here is the finished work.

All of the plants and foliage seen here were created using Plant Factory

As you know, details of our dreams fade over time, so this is as near as I can recall, although the colours are spot on. The only additions to what I “saw” are the ivy covered trunk and copper ball in the foreground, because I felt that they belonged 😀

Digital Art by Gill Brooks

An early test render of the ivy covered ground

Digital Art by Gill Brooks

Nov 072017

Another forest inspired work

Digital art by Gill Brooks

Nov 092016

I’d recently created a new Silver Birch tree in Plant Factory, inspired by a tree I’d seen whilst walking my dog.  I wanted a nice setting for it’s first outing …so here it is 🙂

Digital Art by Gill Brooks

Oct 242016

It’s getting close to the end of October, so I thought I’d create something seasonably spooky 🙂

Digital Art by Gill Brooks