Jan 222015

A tall, slim cupboard had become redundant, so I laid claim to it!  It just squeezes in the gap between my desk and the window.

Before, I had lots of boxes stacked rather precariously, but now, it’s (for the moment) neat and tidy and everything that I use most is easy to get to.  I’ve also been able to move things off my desk and I can’t believe how much space is on there now.

Stationery Cupboard

Dec 092014

People often comment on how different the Malden leathers can be and mine are no exception.

My Pocket size is very grainy compared to the relative smoothness of the Personal one.   I don’t really have a preference either – I love them both 😀

Filofax Malden Personal


Filofax Malden Pocket

The grain of this leather is much more defined

Filofax Malden Ochre

Side by side comparison

Oct 022014

I found a smooth grey A5 Filofax Flex going very cheap a while ago. I’ve used it a few times, just to scribble down notes, shopping list etc., but I’ve used them so long, I miss not having rings. I’d been thinking about a way of adding some but without messing up the cover, just in case it didn’t work or I didn’t like it. I’d seen a post a while ago by Robert Mayr so I decided to give it a go.

I used the rings from a cheap personal sized planner.  I pulled the mechanism out of the binder, not caring that I ripped the inner cover as I was binning it anyway.  The rivets were left in the mechanism.  I managed to get only part of them out but I wasn’t too worried as I already had my fixing plan, well, planned 🙂

VELCRO!  I remembered a post by Janet Carr a few months ago.  She’d found a stash of mechanisms that were held on with velcro.   I had some but it was too wide so I bought just a small length of narrow black velcro.   I stuck the hook side onto the back of the ring mechanism in the gap between the rivets, and the loop side was stuck to the centre of the inside of my Flex folder.

I chose personal sized rings for 3 reasons.

  1. I will probably only need a few smaller removable pages taken from my personal size everyday planner.  If I do want larger sheets, all I need to is use some A5 lined paper and punch corresponding personal size holes.
  2. A5 rings may have been too long for the Flex binder.  My Holborn mechanism is just over 22cm which is the same as the Flex binder cover so they stood a good chance of sticking out of the top and bottom.
  3. A5 rings may also have been too bulky.  The rings I’ve used are only 13mm.
  4. Yes, I know I said 3 reasons 😉 but I had these already so I didn’t have to spend any money on a new set.

Filofax Flex Filofax Flex Filofax Flex Filofax Flex Filofax Flex

Aug 172014
bugged filofax

I must admit that recently, I’ve not done much work in Vue. Partly lack of inspiration, partly busy doing other things. My last scene “Thirsty” was awarded POD at E-on Software at the end of July, and now today I got THE email telling me that my latest, “I Think Someone Bugged My Filofax” has got POD!

A nice surprise and it always gives a warm, fuzzy feeling to get such an award 😀

Aug 122014

I have a cyberfriend, Janet Carr,  who I know from various planner groups on Facebook.  She’s well versed on all things Filofax but she also has a love of ladybirds[ladybugs].  This constant combination that I see on her great blog was the inspiration behind this lighthearted little scene 🙂

bugged filofax

Aug 112014

DISCLAIMER: If you decide to try this for yourself, please test it on something unimportant before using it on your favourite Filofax / organiser.  Gill Brooks cannot be held responsible for any damage to property if you should try it out after reading this article. 


Filofax have recently introduced a new range of metallic organisers to their range, and I recently joked that I have a tub of copper gilt cream that would be a cheaper alternative.  Then the careless idiot in me decided to give it a try to see if my suggestion was as silly as it sounded.  I had an old black pocket organiser that cost me only about £2 so if it didn’t work it wouldn’t be a disaster.  I couldn’t find my copper cream so I used a silver one instead.

It took only 1 application and I used hardly any cream to do it.  I left it for a couple of minutes, then buffed it up to give it a nice shine.  I was a little careless and got some of the cream on the fabric for the zipper, but apart from that, it doesn’t look too bad at all.

metallic organiser

Hardly any of the cream was used for this. You can see how full the pot is and I’d already used it on 2 previous projects

metallic organiser

I used Liberon Gilt Cream for this and the colour I used is St. Germain.  It comes in quite a selection of colours.  I shall have to find my copper cream next and try that on something else 🙂