Sep 202019

Walking along our local canal towpath with our dog, Maya, there are some lovely views across the countryside, and a great chance to follow the seasons.

At the beginning of this month, I took a photograph of some hay bales, and looking back through my old photos, I found that I’d taken one from the very same spot 2 years earlier, but this time a little later on in October.

Using each photo for reference, I recreated those views in Vue (no pun intended 🙂 )

The first is from this year;

Vue version
My photograph

This one is based on a photo taken October 2017

Vue version
My photo
Jan 102019

My first official artwork of 2019.

The well was modelled specifically for this piece, and after posting renders of it on my Facebook page, the feedback was pretty good, so I have decided to offer it as a freebie (for Vue, of course).

Click here to go to the download post. Please remember, as with any of my freebies – they are free for personal use and must not be sold or offered for download anywhere else. I like to think that my generosity is not abused 🙂