Jan 282021

My interpretation of THE chateau in the programme Escape To The Chateau. Took me a few weeks to build the models as I did it in batches and did other things in between to ease my frustrations, but I got there eventually. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Art by Gill Brooks
Jan 182021

Anyone reading this watch Escape To The Chateau?

Well, I just love the programme, and, of course, Dick and Angel’s chateau. I set myself a little challenge at the back end of last year to have a crack at building my little 3D version of their gorgeous pile.

I took my time, working on it in “chunks” so that I didn’t get too obsessed with it, finally finishing this week.

So, now I have my model, just got to put it in it’s beautiful surroundings

Dec 192014

A little scene using a lovely free Chateau model kindly offered by Mark Goodrich in the Vue Galleries group on Facebook 🙂