Jan 132021

My first artwork of 2021. Last week, as usual, we’re walking with our dog along our local canal towpath. As the sun started to rise, I looked around and commented on how beautiful everything looked. The canal was partly frozen, the sun was coming up and there was a misty haze all around.

So, I pulled out my little phone, and, after switching it on 🙂 I took some photos. Mostly just to capture the sheer beauty of the place, but also I can use them as inspiration and reference for future artworks.

The first of which is here…..”Cold Morning” – and it certainly was!!

Image artwork copyright ©2021 Gill Brooks
Dec 082019

I love taking photos for inspiration when we’re out and about walking our beautiful dog.

Last week, we went over to Pelsall North Common and walked along the canal towpath. I took a photo at the junction and decided that was the one to do.

The inspiration
The Artwork

Jun 052019

This was inspired by a photo taken at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, published by Period Living magazine.

As with many of my recent works, I first had to create the models – this time it was basically the complete scene – the lock, the hut and some new plants.

Happy with the finished result 🙂

The Lock - digital art by Gill Brooks
Feb 122019

Walking along the canal towpath a while ago, I noticed what a wonderful shape the leaves had been sculpted into by a mixture of wind and water flow.

Of course, I had to do my own version in Vue 🙂

The Photograph
The Vue Version
Dec 052017

Another vista inspired by walks along the canal.

The digital scene :

Canal View 3

The photographic reference:

Trent&Mersey canal


Nov 252017

digital art by Gill Brooks

I get so much inspiration on my walks with our lovely Border Collie, Maya.  The photo below is what I used for reference for this work.

Bridge 57

Here’s an earlier WIP