Dec 082019

I love taking photos for inspiration when we’re out and about walking our beautiful dog.

Last week, we went over to Pelsall North Common and walked along the canal towpath. I took a photo at the junction and decided that was the one to do.

The inspiration
The Artwork

Jun 052019

This was inspired by a photo taken at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, published by Period Living magazine.

As with many of my recent works, I first had to create the models – this time it was basically the complete scene – the lock, the hut and some new plants.

Happy with the finished result 🙂

The Lock - digital art by Gill Brooks
Feb 122019

Walking along the canal towpath a while ago, I noticed what a wonderful shape the leaves had been sculpted into by a mixture of wind and water flow.

Of course, I had to do my own version in Vue 🙂

The Photograph
The Vue Version
Dec 052017

Another vista inspired by walks along the canal.

The digital scene :

Canal View 3

The photographic reference:

Trent&Mersey canal


Nov 252017

digital art by Gill Brooks

I get so much inspiration on my walks with our lovely Border Collie, Maya.  The photo below is what I used for reference for this work.

Bridge 57

Here’s an earlier WIP

Nov 052017

Talking of inspiration from photographs on my post here, I take a LOT of photographs when I’m out walking my dog Maya.  We often walk along the towpaths of our local canal waterway, and I get loads of inspiration along there.

We had a swan keeping us company a couple of weeks back, pacing us, but appeared to be “sightseeing” as it went along which amused me greatly.  This is one of the artworks that came from that walk.

Digital Art by Gill Brooks