Jan 262015

I had another request yesterday to turn a photo into a painting.  Another beautiful Border Collie was the subject…

border collie painting

Jan 242015

I’m a member of several Border Collie groups on Facebook, and one in particular, SkyBob Border Collies, which was started by Gordon McPherson.  We all post photos and share stories about our furry lovelies and it’s a great group.  Gordon is also an excellent photographer, and yesterday, he posted several photos of his pack, Sky, Bobby and Hemp.  They really had that “WOW” factor and I just couldn’t resist tinkering with a few of them to give an illustrated/painted look.

Gordon has recently gone semi pro in the photography world and will take photographs and also offers a printing service.  Check out his Facebook page here.

Here’s what I came up with…

Border Collie - Bobby


Border Collie -  Hemp


Border Collie -  Sky


I posted then in the group and got an amazing reaction – I certainly wasn’t expecting that!!  I had some requests from a few of the members so here’s a peek at what I did – before and after shots.

Border Collie Border Collie

And finally, Sky’s daughter and Hemp’s sister – beautiful Olive (mum and dad are James and Sallie Ashworth)

Border collie - Olive