Sep 062014

Isn’t it funny how our tastes change?   For years, most binders only came in brown or black, or occasionally green or burgundy.  At the time, I wanted something different, more “girly” than these colours.  Back in around 2009 I found my Day Timer Desk binder {later re-branded as “breast cancer campaign”}, which was an almost bubblegum pink leather on the outside with a brown suede inner.

I love this binder and would never part with it, but lately, the pink had become a bit too much.  I didn’t want to paint it as I’ve seen others do, although they look great, I can’t see them standing up to everyday knocks and dings.  Mine is used daily and at night it’s slid into a gap between my old flatbed scanner and the desk pedestal.


My idea was to use a polish with extra colour pigment.   I did the first application a couple of weeks ago and mingled a very small amount of antique beeswax {used for aging furniture or painted items}.  A week later, I applied more polish, and now, a third.  The antiquing beeswax was only used on the first application.

So, now it’s gone from this…


… to this


It’s not a drastic change but it’s enough to pacify me 🙂