Jul 012014

Yesterday ended my FC Blooms diary so today, I started using the free Jul 14 – Dec 15 inserts that came with a Paperchase organiser I bought earlier this year.

On the first day, today, I opened my planner and almost had a panic attack – NO MONTH TO VIEW!!  I hadn’t realised just how much I’d come to rely on being able to see the whole month at a glance, in addition to the more detailed information I was writing on the rest of the DO2P diary.    I can live without the DO2P space but seriously not my month to view.

However, this was easily remedied by taking the free printable MO2P diary from phILOFAXY blog and overlaying them onto a pretty background I made, changing the hue of the background image for each month.  I shall be making more of these for the remaining 15 months that my Paperchase calendar has to run, using different background images and colours to suit the seasons.

month to view


… and now, peace, calm and order have been restored