Jul 102014

I bought this purse almost 30 years ago.  It’s nothing special.  Patchwork leather.  I think it cost me around £1.50, but I do remember that I bought it off a stall in Cannock market that was run by two snooty, miserable women.  I almost didn’t buy it because of their attitude.  Still, I did.

The thing is, it works perfectly for me.  The layout is just right.  The paper money slot is on the left side and that’s the hand I use for money (as I do most things except for writing extraordinarily).  Then, after about 15 years, it had really seen better days, so off I went in search of another.  Of course, by then, the style had been changed, altered, discontinued etc., so I couldn’t find one exactly the same so I bought the nearest, most similar one I could find.    When I got home, I moved everything into the new one.  I think it lasted about a week before I moved everything back.

This same scenario has gone on since then.  I decide that it really does need replacing.  I’ll then go on a new purse hunt, eventually finding something similar.  I get home.  I move everything into the new one.  Then, just like the first incident about 12 years ago, it never lasts more than a week before I’m moving everything back into the old one again.  At one point, I had around 8 or 9 purses sitting redundant in a drawer that could have the tag “Used once only” on them.  About a year ago I got rid of all but one of them.

Anyway, now it really has got to the point where I can, in all honesty, no longer use my “perfect” purse, even though my money is secure. The clasp is still tight, the popper stud still works fine.   No matter how much leather balm I feed it, it will never be the same again.  It’s just that it truly is worn out.  The edging is totally threadbare.  Inside the leather itself is worn down to the skin in places.  I’m really sad 🙁

My-Old-Purse My-Old-Purse-2


The little pink splodge of nail varnish has been there since 1989

My-Old-Purse-2a My-Old-Purse-4 My-Old-Purse-5

My search of the local markets has again been fruitless, so I searched Ebay for the brand “Je T’adore” of which there were a lot of results.  Of course, the exact same one as mine was nowhere to be found, so yet again, I’ve bought the nearest match.  It’ll be here in a couple of days as I’ve just had the despatch notice.  Then I’ll move everything from the old one into it.  Now, when I’ve done that, should I do as I have done in the past and put my old one in a drawer or should I be brave and bin it?

My-New-Purse My-New-Purse-4 My-New-Purse-3

HMMMMMMMMMMM.  Yep, I think I’ll put it in my drawer….just in case 😀

EDIT: August 2015.  Guess what?  Yep.  I’m back using my faithful old tatty one again 😉