Aug 022014

I’d been admiring the planners at Cordwain Higgler for some time but as I have so many, I’d bookmarked the page for a later date should I want to add any more to my collection.  I hadn’t intended doing so just yet, but then yesterday, I spotted a post in the Philofaxy Facebook group telling us that they had some planners in clearance.  I know I shouldn’t have clicked the link….but I did.

Order placed for a Napoleonic Bees pocket sized binder for the pricely sum of £10.  Within a short space of time, I received an email from Pat and Guy to tell me it’d been despatched.  The British postal system excelled itself as the very same binder arrived with me this morning – the following day!

There was that lovely smell of leather as I opened the package 🙂   It comes in a little velvety fabric bag which will keep it safe – not that it needs it.  It’s quite a thick, rugged leather so I would say this can be tossed in your bag, car, desk or anywhere else for that matter without worrying about damage.  It’s very sturdy but still supple enough to lay flat with a little encouragement.

There are no card slots or pockets but personally, I don’t need those in every binder I use.  The pen loop is formed from part of the strap, which slots into a piece of leather riveted to the front of the binder.

On the front, there are 3 bees embossed deeply into the leather, and on the back is the beehive for them and the CW logo.

Now for the photos…

Cordwain Higgler Binder

These inserts are included with the purchase

Cordwain Higgler Binder Cordwain Higgler Binder Cordwain Higgler Binder

Cordwain Higgler Binder

There’s also this little leather charm embossed with the Cordwain Higgler logo

Cordwain Higgler Binder

I’ve put my own inserts in, and now you can see with just a little coaxing, it’s laying perfectly flat