Feb 042016

The result of a little playing around in Photoshop with an old photo of Eric Stewart ūüôāEric Stewart

Jan 242015

I’m a member of several Border Collie groups on Facebook, and one in particular, SkyBob Border Collies, which was started by Gordon McPherson. ¬†We all post photos and share stories about our furry lovelies and it’s a great group. ¬†Gordon is also an excellent photographer, and yesterday, he posted several photos of his pack, Sky, Bobby and Hemp. ¬†They really had that “WOW” factor and I just couldn’t resist tinkering with a few of them to give an illustrated/painted look.

Gordon has recently gone semi pro in the photography world and will take photographs and also offers a printing service.  Check out his Facebook page here.

Here’s what I came up with…

Border Collie - Bobby


Border Collie -  Hemp


Border Collie -  Sky


I posted then in the group and got an amazing reaction – I certainly wasn’t expecting that!! ¬†I had some requests from a few of the members so here’s a peek at what I did – before and after shots.

Border Collie Border Collie

And finally, Sky’s daughter and Hemp’s sister – beautiful Olive (mum and dad are James and Sallie Ashworth)

Border collie - Olive