Jul 312014

Today, I was making A5 month to view calendars for both myself and my hubby’s planners ready for next year.   For an easy way of creating them already dated, I have 2 software programmes that are purely for generating calendars of all different types and styles., both are customisable on colours, fonts and images though both are a little limited as you can only use pre-defined templates, but there are quite a few to choose from.

For today’s project, I used Simply Calenders [yes, that’s how they’re spelling it].  I created a plain one with no images but used custom colours in greens.  I printed this off “as is” for my hubby as he’s a plain kind of guy, but for mine, I opened the PDF file in Photoshop and added little embellishments to each page and then as I was going along, I changed the colour of some months too.  I then made a simple 2 column lined page for “Tasks” and “Notes” to go on the reverse of the calendar pages.



Here’s a screenshot of Simply Calenders software used for this project.


Click for larger view


The other programme I use is Easy Calendar Maker