Jan 282021

My interpretation of THE chateau in the programme Escape To The Chateau. Took me a few weeks to build the models as I did it in batches and did other things in between to ease my frustrations, but I got there eventually. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Art by Gill Brooks
Jan 182021

Anyone reading this watch Escape To The Chateau?

Well, I just love the programme, and, of course, Dick and Angel’s chateau. I set myself a little challenge at the back end of last year to have a crack at building my little 3D version of their gorgeous pile.

I took my time, working on it in “chunks” so that I didn’t get too obsessed with it, finally finishing this week.

So, now I have my model, just got to put it in it’s beautiful surroundings

Jan 132021

My first artwork of 2021. Last week, as usual, we’re walking with our dog along our local canal towpath. As the sun started to rise, I looked around and commented on how beautiful everything looked. The canal was partly frozen, the sun was coming up and there was a misty haze all around.

So, I pulled out my little phone, and, after switching it on 🙂 I took some photos. Mostly just to capture the sheer beauty of the place, but also I can use them as inspiration and reference for future artworks.

The first of which is here…..”Cold Morning” – and it certainly was!!

Image artwork copyright ©2021 Gill Brooks
Jan 132021

I have been a little remiss in adding the last few works that I did at the back end of last year, so I’m going to add them all here in one go.

As usual, most are landscapes but there are a few oddities thrown in too.

Cold Autumn
Ewletonlow Meadow
Lecknor Edge
Morning Mist
Autumn – everything in this was modelled by me
Twilight Cottage
Willow Cottage