Jul 012020

I’ve lived near to Cannock Chase since I was 7 years old. It’s a small, but perfectly formed Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I must admit, I thought it scary at first, as we came to live here in 1967, just after the “Cannock Chase Murders”, but soon realised that it was a beautful place. Wide open spaces, ancient forests, deer, lakes, streams and so much more.

I’ve been walking up there for over 50 years now – preferring the less popular, quieter places. We particularly like the areas around Brocton Coppice and Sherbrook Valley. Some days we can walk for miles and not see another soul, other than the local wildlife.

It’s also a place that I get much of my inspiration from for both plant creation and my artwork.

However, there are plans to close off access to some parts, including Brocton. There are reports of many car parks and lay-bys being closed off and those remaining will be mainly paid parking.

If you’re local and would like more information on the situation, and maybe even help keep our countryside open and free, please pop over to Save Cannock Chase group on Facebook. As with many FB groups, you’ll be asked to answer a couple of questions, so please make sure that you do complete them 🙂

Even if you’re not a “local”, you may find some interesting reading and information about Cannock Chase on Wiki HERE or Discover Britain HERE