Jun 222020

Someone said this was a gentle, relaxing landscape. I like that description

The Lake by Gill Brooks
Jun 102020

A few days ago I was looking for my pic of a dragon at Wenlock Priory (don’t ask 😀 ) and while looking for it through my old stuff, I found something that I did almost 20 years ago, not long after I started doing the “digital art” thing.

My take on Magnum’s Vigilante album cover. Done in Bryce (4 or maybe 5), and maybe a little touching up in Paint Shop Pro (probably V5 or 6!). Looking at it, I thought that maybe I could do a better job now that I’m older and possibly a bit wiser.

Using different software this time. I made the main model in Hexagon and textures in a mix of Filter Forge and Photoshop, then inported into Vue for final texturing. The unicorn is the same one that I used in the original, but I made the chain for his neck rather than adding it in postwork. Looking at it, I think I must have painted it on with a “tube” (something specific to PaintShopPro).

Background terrains are, of course, Vue and I fiddled with the textures to get similar to the original cover artwork. The distant galaxy done in Filter forge, although I actually prefer the original one of these but couldn’t find it, and the sky/atmosphere was custom created for this scene.

The final result that was rendered in Vue wasn’t the best, but after a looooooooooooooooooong render time, I wasn’t up for fiddling with stuff and re-rendering, so opted for the easier and probably better option, of fixing everything and finalising in Photoshop.

The end result is better than the first that I did, and certainly has a bit more depth to it, but all things considered, I didn’t do too bad first time around either.

Magnum Vigilante cover art copy by Gill Brooks
The older version from around 20 years ago created in Bryce
Magnum Vigilante cover art copy by Gill Brooks
The new version
Just for fun – before and after postwork in Photoshop