Jul 082019

Following on from my last post where I mentioned boredom and time on my hands (following a rather nasty fall down the stairs), I’m mobile enough now to “do” stuff around the home, so got back into painting things.

Today, I painted a little plain wooden box green and added some cute little feet, painted the doors and drawer fronts on a boring white linen cupboard (needs a 2nd coat tomorrow), painted a chest of drawers that forever irked me being horrid orange pine, then outside on the patio, I’ve given the table and bench a coat of chalk paint to spruce them up for *hopefully* some nice sunny days to sit outside.

Anyway, here’s the little box….nothing major, and I may tone down the drawers with a little antiquing wax, as the “Verdigris” wax that I used looks a little too bright for this project.

Upcycled wooden box
Upcycled wooden box
Upcycled wooden box
Jul 062019

I recently fell downstairs and injured both knees.

Well, I had to find something to do whilst being pretty much immobile and housebound 🙁

Digital Art by Gill Brooks