Jun 202019

Yet another work where I created all the models for the scene. I’m really enjoying doing this. It makes each piece of artwork completely unique in that no-one else has the same model to use, even in a different environment.

Again, inspired by a photo posted on Facebook by Welsh Photographs

The Old Chapel - digital art by Gill Brooks
Jun 082019

I had to build the tower for this one, but was able to reuse the stone archway that I’d built for another scene.

I do seem to be building new models for each new piece lately. No wonder I’m not getting many done as it takes so much time to build and texture them hahahaaaaaaaa.

The Forgotten Tower ┬ęGill Brooks
Jun 052019

This was inspired by a photo taken at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, published by Period Living magazine.

As with many of my recent works, I first had to create the models – this time it was basically the complete scene – the lock, the hut and some new plants.

Happy with the finished result ­čÖé

The Lock - digital art by Gill Brooks