Mar 072019

So…here’s something a bit different.

2 pieces, same scene, both done by me. Over 40 years apart!!

The image below is a photo of an oil painting that I did (dated Oct. 1978). Not one of my best. One of my very early ones. In fact, I think it was only the 2nd I’d ever done. My Mom, bless her, hung it on her wall proudly, and it’s been back with me almost 4 years since she passed away, languishing inside a cupboard. Hubby moved it out last week and forgot to put it back, so I decided to hang it on MY wall. Then, I wondered if I could “Vue” it.

Oil painting of a Cornish village seascape

This next image is the “Vue’d” version. I had to build most of the content myself to get a good likeness. Not a perfect digital replica, but not far off doncha think?

Cornish fishing village - digitally recreated in Vue