Feb 272017

Art by Gill Brooks

After making the ruin model I found a perfectly overgrown spot to put it in 🙂

Feb 062017

I remember seeing something similar to this a few years back, and decided to “Vue it”

Digital art by Gill Brooks

The Music Of Trees ©2017 Gill Brooks


Feb 042017

I moved away from my more usual vistas for this one and was pleased to get a Cream Of The Crop at Cornucopia 3D for this one

Digital art by Gill Brooks

Decaying Nicely – ©2017 Gill Brooks

Feb 012017

My second artwork of 2017.  This all came about as I’d modelled some French style shutters and I wanted somewhere nice to put them 🙂

Digital art by Gill Brooks

Summer in Provence ©2017 Gill Brooks