May 262016

wax finishes

A little “pantry cupboard” (Debenhams description, not mine) and a clock both received the same paint treatment.  A base of Americana Chalky Finish col Treasure and a top coat of Rustoleum Chalky Furniture paint col Mustard, but leaving the inside of the cupboard blue.  Both coats were applied with random brush strokes to give a textured finish.

The clock was distressed with 000 grade wire wool, a coat of clear wax was applied, followed by dark wax (both Briwax brand) and the cupboard with 600 grade wet and dry paper, then a coat of Annie Sloan’s White Wax.  The excess wax was wiped off both, left to harden for about 8 hours, then buffed to a soft sheen.

wax finishes wax finishes wax finishes wax finishes

wax finishes

This is why my little jars of jam were out on the worktop in my last post!