Sep 292014

Earlier this week, I saw a photograph posted of Denbigh Asylum. This place was closed down in 2002 and has been left abandoned since then despite being a listed building. Rumour has it that an ex employee of the asylum still patrols the grounds with his dog in his Land Rover.

Perfect inspiration as far as I’m concerned.

Denbigh Asylum

Sep 262014

I was browsing Amazon (UK) a few days ago – I can’t remember just what I was looking for, when I spotted this pen

Franklin Covey Cross Melbourne Satin Black With Gold Trim Multi Function


It has black, red and blue ballpoints plus a 0.5mm pencil.  Most multi pens are so bulky.  I don’t like bulky pens.  For a start, they don’t fit into standard binder pen loops but also, I don’t like writing with them.  Chunky pens and me just don’t get on.  This isn’t chunky at all.  As you’ll see from one of the photos below, it’s only marginally bigger than a standard Parker ballpoint.  It even fits (with a bit of encouragement) into my Filofax Malden pen loop, but it won’t have the disastrous ending that Kent From Oz had with his pocket Malden who’s pen loop went to the great leather heap in the sky 😉

I’ve never heard of it before, but it works on “Advanced Gravity System”.  You tilt the pen with the colour you want to use facing upwards and press the button on the top.  I tried it several times, trying to catch it out, trying to get it to make a mistake, but it didn’t.  Worked perfectly every time.

It looks good, it’s a dream to write with and now I don’t have to carry different coloured pens around.  Even better, the RRP is £34.99 and this was just £7.99 and just 99p P+P.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Franklin Covey Pen Franklin Covey Pen

Sep 082014

Well, firstly, I can’t fault the speed of service provided by Victor and the staff at Luxecadeautjes. Ordered Friday, 5th September from the Netherlands and arrived at my door in England at 8AM Monday, 8th September.

I’d originally been looking at the Gillio/Gigliodoro models there as I so love the A5 Divino, but I spotted this at the top of the page. I’d heard of Succes Agendas but had not really taken much notice until now. There was something so lovely about this one, and it’s different too. Then I find out that it’s based on the shoes made by Floris van Bommel, who again, I had never heard of. The outside is two types of tan coloured, well worn leather and the inside is purple. I’m not a big fan of things purple but this just looks so good with the tan outer.

It arrived well packaged and in a sturdy, reusable box. A beautiful smell of leather wafted up as I opened it, then as I removed it from the tissue wrap, the feel of the luxurious leather was amazing! As mentioned, 2 types of leather. The outer is Nile Buffalo leather, the main part is slightly pebbly but gloriously soft. The inner part of the pattern is a fine, smooth leather, again, so lovely to touch. The pattern and detail mimic the brogue style of shoes. The popper stud fastening is hidden and the word “Floris” has been embossed into the strap.

The purple inner is Calf Nappa leather. Inside, on the front cover there are 5 credit card slots and below that, some decorative punching. There are also 2 full height slots. At the back there’s one full height slot and a smaller horizontal slot, on which the Floris van Bommel signature and name are embossed. There are also ring protectors either side of the ring mechanism.

I feel a little sad moving out of my Malden because I really love that, but still…. well, you know 😉 There are a couple of cons versus the Malden. The rings are only 15mm compared to 19mm, the Malden has a slot on the back cover for a notepad, this doesn’t and of course, not forgetting the Malden’s full width back pocket. Fortunately, I’m adaptable 😀

Now for the photos –

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior






Included inserts: 2014 week to view (can be used in 2025), personal info page, 5 tabbed dividers with icons rather than names or numbers, quadrille, plain, accounting, To Do, World Map, various information pages and contacts pages.  The dividers are a dark blue and either thin plastic or plasticated card which is very sturdy and probably a lot more durable than most others.  I’ve kept the A-Z ones in, but as I have my own personal dividers that suit me, I’ve put those in.  There’s also a transparent flyleaf, today marker/ruler, a fold out map of Europe and 2 plastic envelopes, one with diagonal slots, presumably for business cards, the other plain with a top opening.

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior


Succes Floris van Bommel Junior

Succes Floris van Bommel Junior


Succes Floris van Bommel Junior




Compared to my Filofax pocket Malden

Malden vs Succes

Malden vs Succes

Malden vs Succes


House move compelete


A final, little end note – I recently found some leather offcuts and I’m using them to make leather flyleaves for those that don’t already have them.  This one was made for the Malden but looks just as good in here 😀

Leather flyleaf



Sep 062014

Isn’t it funny how our tastes change?   For years, most binders only came in brown or black, or occasionally green or burgundy.  At the time, I wanted something different, more “girly” than these colours.  Back in around 2009 I found my Day Timer Desk binder {later re-branded as “breast cancer campaign”}, which was an almost bubblegum pink leather on the outside with a brown suede inner.

I love this binder and would never part with it, but lately, the pink had become a bit too much.  I didn’t want to paint it as I’ve seen others do, although they look great, I can’t see them standing up to everyday knocks and dings.  Mine is used daily and at night it’s slid into a gap between my old flatbed scanner and the desk pedestal.


My idea was to use a polish with extra colour pigment.   I did the first application a couple of weeks ago and mingled a very small amount of antique beeswax {used for aging furniture or painted items}.  A week later, I applied more polish, and now, a third.  The antiquing beeswax was only used on the first application.

So, now it’s gone from this…


… to this


It’s not a drastic change but it’s enough to pacify me 🙂

Sep 052014

A couple of weeks ago I acquired a Franklin Covey classic binder from Ebay U.S.   It was in reasonable condition, it just needed a clean, polish and removal of a previous owner’s name.

Franklin Covey Classic before


So now after a little TLC,  the application of some  Tarrago shoe cream in dark green and the addition of a metal label, this has become my all things to do with shopping, purchases, orders and receipts/guarantees.   Now the leather has been cleaned and polished it feels really soft and supple.  Not bad for just a “couple of quid”  😉

franklin covey classic open front cover back cover rings