Aug 312014

Just over a week ago when I had one of my “look through Ebay cuz I’m bored” moments, I spotted a very lovely binder.  A bit on the vintage side but looked good in the photos.  I put it on my Watch List.  Twice, I took it off, then put it back on again.   It looked much like a Mulberry planner, same styling, even the same odd ring spacing (A5 binder but the hole spacing is the same as Filofax personal).

I knew the name from somewhere too, so I Googled it.  Of course!  Although it’s no longer there, their factory was less than half a mile from where I used to work in Walsall a long time ago.  I worked on the Pleck Road (Hymac) and they were on Bridgeman Street which was off Pleck Road.   For those who don’t know, Walsall at one time was the heart of the leather industry in England.  The D&H brand is still alive, but they’re now under Pittards who are based in Yeovil, Somerset.

That sort of sealed the deal.  I went back and put in an offer, not thinking that it would be accepted, but it was 🙂  A few days later, it arrived.

The first thing I noticed is that it has the same divine smell as my Van der Spek.  Considering that this is from the early to mid 90’s era that’s not a bad, especially since I’ve purchased a few that have had a bit of an unpleasant smell to them, even after cleaning.  It feels lovely too.

It has a double stud fastening, 2 pen loops, on the front inside there are 4 card slots, 1 secretarial pocket and a full height very deep pocket along with what I think is a floppy disk pocket, which is where the name is stamped.  The back inside cover has a large zipped pocket.   It came with a few original inserts but I do need to make some of my own.

Oh, and the rings – they’re 1 ½” / 30mm Krause rings and despite their age are tight, no gaps and as smooth as silk to open and close.

Now for the photos…

Daines & Hathaway Daines-and-Hathaway-2 Daines-and-Hathaway-3 Daines-and-Hathaway-4 Daines-and-Hathaway-5 Daines-and-Hathaway-6


Aug 272014

When I got my beautiful Van Der Spek I decided I wasn’t going to get any more.  I did, and still have, deleted all my searches on Ebay, though I do still look at the Gillio selling group as one of those would really complete my collection.

But, occasionally I get bored, or I’m waiting for a scene to render in Vue so I’ll get itchy fingers and look at what’s around on Ebay.  That said, I’ve ended up with these two.

Franklin Covey Classic

The Franklin Covey Classic is rather old and battered.  I entered a silly price on “Best offer” and it was accepted.  The postage cost me more than the binder!   The old name on the front is easy to cover up and I’m waiting for some dark green resoration polish, so I’ll post more photos when those issues have been dealt with.

Franklin Covey Classic

Franklin Covey Classic

Franklin Covey Classic

The rings are tight despite it’s age. There are 2 pen loops – always a bonus, and several pockets front and rear

No card slots but that’s not an issue as this will only ever sit on my desk.

See the photos after renovation here


Cross 1846 Medium – Dark Chocolate with Medium Chocolate

I’m really not sure why I bought this one.  I have personal sized planners coming out of my ears.  Still, the deed was done and here it is.  It’s from the 1846 Collection.  Italian leather, nice and smooth on the outside.  The inside and contrasting trim is a kind of cross-grained leather.  It’s quite stiff but I’m hoping it’ll become more flexible with use (when I find a use for it).  It came in a snazzy gift box complete with Cross pen.  It smells of leather, not chocolate 😉

Cross 1846 Personal

Cross 1846 Personal

Not sure I’ll get along with the pen. It’s a bit too chunky for me

Cross 1846 Personal

Aug 202014

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

Part 3 HERE

Well, today I finally got my home made planner finished.  Yes, it’s veered well away from my original ideas as I ran into problems.  I’ve ended up with a kind of “Filodori” – basically just the cover and the ring mechanism.   There’s a lot of bling.  An awful lot of bling in fact.  I got carried away decorating 😀

The first part of the added decoration was to die cut some leather offcuts to make “hinges” which were then given the copper gilt cream treatment. These are held on with tiny rivets and a bit of superglue.

There’s a square pocket on the outside front cover.  This is attached with 4 emerald green rivets and a line of superglue around all but the top edge giving a pocket to slip stuff in or even a small pen holder.

I did some more die cutting of offcuts – a key and an escutcheon.  The key is on the front leather flyleaf and the escutcheon covers the area around the stud fastener.

Total cost around £22.

Photo time 🙂


So – here it is. By no means perfect or professional looking but it IS original


I also did a little die cutting on the end of the closure strap. The book corners are simply hammered into place. The little rose charm halfway down the spine is to cover a hole where I was going to use a lace to keep it tied up then changed my mind


The die cut key on the front leather flyleaf


As you can see, there are a lot of backs of rivets showing on the inside


Can’t lay any flatter than that !!


Embossing on the front pocket


Embossing on the Binder Protector


Fully open shot. There’s a piece of plastic right at the back to give it a bit of firmness. I may change that at some time in the future

Aug 182014

The inspiration for this one came from a photo in one of my magazines 🙂


Walker's Gate

Aug 172014
bugged filofax

I must admit that recently, I’ve not done much work in Vue. Partly lack of inspiration, partly busy doing other things. My last scene “Thirsty” was awarded POD at E-on Software at the end of July, and now today I got THE email telling me that my latest, “I Think Someone Bugged My Filofax” has got POD!

A nice surprise and it always gives a warm, fuzzy feeling to get such an award 😀