Jun 102014

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I’ve still not decided whether to have fixed or floating mechanism but it was pointless doing 2 images.  The basics would be the same if I go for the floating option “Plan A”, the holes would just be up along the part of the cover that will form the spine.

joining layers

Some bling has arrived.  I saw these green diamante rivets when I was looking for some plain ones.  If I don’t get to use them on this project, I’m sure there’s plenty of other things screaming out for some 🙂


June 9th update :  I’ve gone with “Plan A” and I’ve recycled the hard plastic cover of an old notebook to make the part that the ring mechanism will attach to and slide into a slot in the inner cover.  At this point, I’ve also decided against using ties to hold it closed and will use a popper stud/snap tab instead.  These are on order from China.

At the time of writing, all of the required components are here except for the popper studs and the metal corners.   Time to crack on.  Next job is to figure out the inner cover layout and put it all together.  As this is faux leather I’m sure my sewing machine will cope with it.

Jun 102014

Of course, I just knew that I would, it was just a matter of when 😀


Filofax keyring

Jun 072014

Happy Saturday 🙂

I’ve been using Day Timer’s Garden Path inserts for at least 6 years and I’ve always loved their “prettyness”, although since 2012, they have changed the design and it’s not so much to my liking.   I think maybe I’ll go into that thread in more depth in another post (yes, I have just written it in my To Do list 🙂 ).

I first saw this binder quite a while ago, but I’d been put off by the fact that it was a zipped binder, not a snap tab.  I’d never had one before and always thought that the zip might get in the way or it wouldn’t open fully and lay flat.    Then, earlier this week I found me a little purple PennyBridge binder to use as a “carry all” in situations where I didn’t want to take my bag with me.  Of course, the PennyBridge is zipped and so it gave me an idea of what my lovely GP binder may be like.

Then I remembered that last time I’d looked (on the UK site) that it was out of stock and would be back in at the end of August, but I went there anyway, just to have another look at it.  I was pleased and surprised to see that the desk size WAS in stock, so although I’d been contemplating the Portable size (Filofax equivalent is Personal), I’ve now got quite a number of that size but only 2 of the big ones.  My trusty old pink leather Day Timer (the Desk Monster as it’s affectionately known) and an A5 Paperchase “Vintage London”.  I considered that after years of faithful service that my Desk Monster might like to take a well earned rest, so that was decided for me – I’d have the desk size instead.


My first impression was that I’ve never felt leather like this before.  It has a very matt finish and almost but not quite feels like suede.  The description on their website says “The leather for this gorgeous collection has been specially treated to give it a silky, feather-soft feel that you have to touch to believe! ” which is quite correct.  It does feel lovely but that made me a little concerned with care and cleaning.  I normally used Lord Sheraton Leather Balsam on my leather binders, but I’m not sure how it would react with such a different finish, so I’ve contacted Day Timer about my concerns.  Being a Saturday afternoon, I don’t expect a reply before Monday so I’ll update on that when I get it.

OK, on to the photos and a few thoughts from me…


The rings are good and, like my Desk Monster, they’re very stuffable!


On the left hand side there are 12 card slots plus 1 identity slot,  There are also 2 full height slots behind these.  Not short on slots then 🙂

Back pocket

At the back there’s a pocket for a notepad.  The pen holder is here too.  This is a little bit on the skinny side for me.  I had difficulty pushing my Paperchase pen into it and the pen isn’t what I’d regard as chunky.  Mental note to self – find a slimmer pen !


Here it is, now stuffed with contents – everything from the Desk Monster now transferred.


I only have what remains of June’s DO2P inserts left.  At the moment, I don’t have the need for such a large space every day so from July on, I’ll be using WO2P instead.


Even though it’s stuffed, there’s quite a bit of space left in the rings if I wanted to add more.  You can also see from this photo that brand new, this binder lays perfectly flat which I love.


I zipped it up after being filled.  No problem with space, but I did find that  the zip stalls a little at the corners and needs a little coaxing to get round.  This could be because it’s new…I’m not sure yet.
The pretty mug on my desk was a gift from my talented friend Gill Rogers who sells her lovely prints in her Zazzle store.

deboss detail

The debossed leather in close up


There’s a small leather loop at the top of the binder.  Attached to this on a small chain are 2 leather flowers and a small locket.  Not quite sure what would go in the locket but it’s there anyway 🙂


Now the comparison with my old Day Timer “Desk Monster”.  The Garden Path binder is considerably taller.


The width is marginally bigger


…and the depth – it’s difficult to tell, especially as Desk Monster is now empty.

made in india

And finally this which I was somewhat surprised to see hiding under the pen loop.

So, for now, apart from the 2 little niggles mentioned above, I’m happy with my purchase and will find out how we get on in the coming weeks.

Jun 022014

Tuesday :  Ring  ring 

  • Me – Hello.
  • Caller – Can I speak to the homeowner please?
  • Me – Can you give the the name of the homeowner you’d like to speak to?
  • …pause…
  • Caller – Ermmm, hello. Can I speak to the homeowner please?
  • Me – Can you tell me the name of the homeowner you’d like to speak to?
  • Caller – I’d like to speak to the homeowner.
  • Me – Do you not know the name of the homeowner?
  • Caller – Please may I speak to the homeowner. (getting irked now)
  • Me – Why do you not know the name of the person you want to speak to?
  • Caller – Please may I speak to the homeowner (getting VERY irked now)
  • Me – I’m sorry, the homeowner only speaks to people who know their name.  Thank you. Goodbye.  Ends call.


Friday :  Ring ring

  • Me – Hello.
  • Caller – Hello, can I speak to the homeowner please?
  • Me – Who shall I say is calling ?
  • Caller – This is a courtesy call.  I would like to speak to the homeowner.
  • Me – Who shall I say is calling?
  • Caller – this is a courtesy call.
  • Me – Excuse me, are you deaf?  I have asked you a question twice and you have not answered.
  • Caller – I would like to speak to the homeowner.
  • Me – Yes, we’ve established that but I would like to know who to say is calling and wanting to speak to the homeowner.
  • Caller – Are you the homeowner?
  • Me – Who shall I say is calling?
  • Caller – This is a courtesy call.
  • Me – There is nothing courteous whatsoever about your call.  The homeowner does not wish to speak to you.  Goodbye.  Ends call.

Monday : Ring ring

  • Me – Hello.
  • Caller – Hello, can I speak to the homeowner please.
  • Me – Ah, that would be our mortgage company.
  • Caller – CLICK!   Ends call.
  • Me – >EVIL GRIN<

Can’t wait for the next one … BRING IT ON !!!