Jun 192014

In a previous post reviewing the Day Timer Garden Path Desk Binder, I briefly mentioned the inserts.    I’ve been using the Garden Path inserts on and off since 2008 or 2009.  I loved the pastel colours and the faded flowers that filled the pages.   Then, when I bought my 2012 calendar I was disappointed to see that they’d changed the design (to this day I believe they still have the old style pictured for the note pads).

Gone are the pastels, gone are the soft floral images underlying on every page.   The pages are plain, though slightly shaded and all there is now is a squashed photograph of flowers at the top of the pages.

current diary

This is the current style

pre 2012

Pre 2012 style


Current style notepads


Pre 2012 notepad

Franklin Covey have done a similar thing with their Blooms range of inserts.  Shown here are Pocket size “Cut away” inserts.


New style on the left, older and prettier on the right

Fortunately for me, I have a stash of the older type of both Garden Path notepads and Blooms Cut Away pages.

Jun 192014

I don’t do many night scenes.  I don’t know why….

midnight swans