Jun 162014

It took me 2 attempts to get a response from Daytimer UK site.  My first message via their web contact form was missed or ignored, so today, I sent an email to the address on my invoice, asking about care and cleaning of the Garden Path binders, as I’d mentioned in my previous post.

Here is their response :

Dear Gill,

Thanks for your email, Sorry for the delay in responding.

Please see the response from our head office.

For Garden path binder, you can only use clean DRY CLOTH. Any chemicals will harm the product, as it is a special finished leather.

Kind Regards

To which, my response was :

Thank you for replying. 

 However, I do think that this should have been stated in the product description.  It was already marked when I received it and from your response, it would not be practical to carry it around in my bag or use anywhere other than the clean environment on my desk at home.  Had I known this I would not have bought it.


Ah well.  Lessons learned.