Jun 072014

Happy Saturday ūüôā

I’ve been using Day Timer’s Garden Path inserts for at least 6 years and I’ve always loved their “prettyness”, although since 2012, they have changed the design and it’s not so much to my liking. ¬† I think maybe I’ll go into that thread in more depth in another post (yes, I have just written it in my To Do list ūüôā ).

I first saw this binder quite a while ago, but I’d been put off by the fact that it was a zipped binder, not a snap tab. ¬†I’d never had one before and always thought that the zip might get in the way or it wouldn’t open fully and lay flat. ¬† ¬†Then, earlier this week I found me a little purple PennyBridge binder to use as a “carry all” in situations where I didn’t want to take my bag with me. ¬†Of course, the PennyBridge is zipped and so it gave me an idea of what my lovely GP binder may be like.

Then I remembered that last time I’d looked (on the UK site) that it was out of stock and would be back in at the end of August, but I went there anyway, just to have another look at it. ¬†I was pleased and surprised to see that the desk size WAS in stock, so although I’d been contemplating the Portable size (Filofax equivalent is Personal), I’ve now got quite a number of that size but only 2 of the big ones. ¬†My trusty old pink leather Day Timer (the Desk Monster as it’s¬†affectionately known) and an A5 Paperchase “Vintage London”. ¬†I considered that after years of faithful service that my Desk Monster might like to take a well earned rest, so that was decided for me – I’d have the desk size instead.


My first impression was that I’ve never felt leather like this before. ¬†It has a very matt finish and almost but not quite feels like suede. ¬†The description on their website says “The leather for this gorgeous collection has been specially treated to give it a silky, feather-soft feel that you have to touch to believe! ” which is quite correct. ¬†It does feel lovely but that made me a little concerned with care and cleaning. ¬†I normally used Lord Sheraton Leather Balsam on my leather binders, but I’m not sure how it would react with such a different finish, so I’ve contacted Day Timer about my concerns. ¬†Being a Saturday afternoon, I don’t expect a reply before Monday so I’ll update on that when I get it.

OK, on to the photos and a few thoughts from me…


The rings are good and, like my Desk Monster, they’re very stuffable!


On the left hand side there are 12 card slots plus 1 identity slot, ¬†There are also 2 full height slots behind these. ¬†Not short on slots then ūüôā

Back pocket

At the back there’s a pocket for a notepad. ¬†The pen holder is here too. ¬†This is a little bit on the skinny side for me. ¬†I had difficulty pushing my Paperchase pen into it and the pen isn’t what I’d regard as chunky. ¬†Mental note to self – find a slimmer pen !


Here it is, now stuffed with contents Рeverything from the Desk Monster now transferred.


I only have what remains of June’s DO2P inserts left. ¬†At the moment, I don’t have the need for such a large space every day so from July on, I’ll be using WO2P instead.


Even though it’s¬†stuffed, there’s quite a bit of space left in the rings if I wanted to add more. ¬†You can also see from this photo that brand new, this binder lays perfectly flat which I love.


I zipped it¬†up after being filled. ¬†No problem with space, but I did find that ¬†the zip stalls a little at the corners and needs a little coaxing to get round. ¬†This could be because it’s new…I’m not sure yet.
The pretty mug on my desk was a gift from my talented friend Gill Rogers who sells her lovely prints in her Zazzle store.

deboss detail

The debossed leather in close up


There’s a small leather loop at the top of the binder. ¬†Attached to this on a small chain are 2 leather flowers and a small locket. ¬†Not quite sure what would go in the locket but it’s there anyway ūüôā


Now the comparison with my old Day Timer “Desk Monster”. ¬†The Garden Path binder is considerably taller.


The width is marginally bigger


…and the depth – it’s difficult to tell, especially as Desk Monster is now empty.

made in india

And finally this which I was somewhat surprised to see hiding under the pen loop.

So, for now, apart from the 2 little niggles mentioned above, I’m happy with my purchase and will find out how we get on in the coming weeks.